About the Creators


When FIXATED EVENTS first launched in 2016, our mission was to create a sustainable and robust investor community where entrepreneurs could connect and grow, by providing valuable education and an open atmosphere to network for the whole industry.  In addition, we aspired to combine the multiple existing investor communities into one mass cohesive network that consists of principle values such as transparency, proficiency, and integrity. 

Since beginning our mission, the community's response has blown our expectations out of the water.  FIXATED EVENTS hosts a monthly meet up called Fixated ON Real Estate that has an average of 175 attendees every month since it has began.  Last year's PNW Big Badass Real Estate Wealth Expo rang in over 650 registrants and we continue this year to bring an even more BADASS event with more learning, more networking, and of course, connecting the community with the resources to help grow their businesses to the next level.

Founders of FIXATED EVENTS, Tarl Yarber and his team at Fixated Real Estate (Serena Norris, Nate Robbins, and Grace Yarber), are active real estate professionals, specializing in volume Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold, and BRRRR single family properties throughout the Pacific Northwest.  By focusing on building strong, scalable and duplicatable systems, the Fixated team has been able to successfully “flip” over forty million dollars in single family homes from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR.