Past Badass Expo Speakers


Tarl Yarber

Fixated Real Estate | Fixated ON Real Estate

Kathy Fettke

Real Wealth Network | Best-selling Author

Thach Nguyen

Thach Real Estate Group | SpringBoard to Wealth

J Scott | Best-selling Author

Tucker Merrihew

TTM Development Company | The Real Dealz Podcast

Marc Erickson

Resonance Realty Services | SpringBoard to Wealth

Jeremy Roll

Roll Investment Group | For Investors By Investors (FIBI)

Stephanie Owens

SpringBoard to Wealth | Best-selling Author

Artem Tepler

Schon Tepler Group | Developer

Steve Rozenberg

Empire Industries Property Management & Realty Services | Radio Host

Serena Norris

Fixated Real Estate | Keller Williams Realty

Lucas Hall | Cozy

Rick Gregorek

Gregorek and Associates, PLLC | Law & Tax

Will Heaton

Heaton Dainard Real Estate

James Dainard

Heaton Dainard Real Estate

William Barnard

Barnard Enterprises, Inc. | Developer

Nikolaï Ray

MREX | Multi-family

Enrique Jevons

Jevons Property Management  | Pellego

William Exeter

The Exeter Group | Tax & 1031 Exchange

Mathew Owens

OCG Properties | Tax & Syndication

Jeramy Poole

Real Estate Social | The Moment

Kekoa-Michael Lwin & Cory Nemoto

Lwin-Nemoto | Single & Multi-family

Shawn Woedl

National Real Estate Insurance Group (NREIG) | Commercial

AJ Puedan

Success Coach Academy | Podcast Warrior 2.0

Ian Morell

Caliber Real Estate | Rain City Capital

Elliot Smith

Summit Development | Wholesale Single-family

Fred Rea

Rain City Capital | Alternative Finance

Mike Sumsky

Washington Home Solutions | REAPS

Brian A. Flaherty

Global Strategic | Business Solutions

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell Real Estate | Desert Bridge Capital

Christine Kwon

ROCK Property Investment | Single-family

Scott Price

Bonvolo Real Estate Investments


Ryan Gibson

Spartan Investment Group | Development


Liz Richardson

Redmond Funding Group | Financing

Rich Fettke headshot.png

Rich Fettke

Real Wealth Network | Business Coach


Scott Lewis

Spartan Investment Group | Development