Over 40 hand-selected experts in the real estate industry share their immense knowledge and their proven strategies with you from the stage and in the crowd. Speakers are attendees too! Meet them during a workshop or a cocktail party.

PNW Real Estate Wealth Expo is 2 full days (plus a workshop pre-day) of actionable, proven, strategic content from experts (and a few industry celebrities) that have been in your shoes and have built their businesses into empires.

NO selling. NO gurus. Only REAL top professionals actively investing in the industry. There is no "fluff" or "hot air" behind any of these sessions. Everything you hear at PNW Real Estate Wealth Expo is the real deal.



Do you find yourself only working IN your business and not ON your business to take it to the next level? What separate good business from a thriving business are the abilities to innovate, adapt, and apply.

The expert speakers brought to you have mastered these qualities and YOU can too. At PNW Real Estate Wealth Expo, you will take a collaborative and impactful look within your business and will leave feeling inspired to apply what you’ve learned.

You will walk out of the venue on Day 3 with notebooks full of applicable growth strategies, a refreshed perspective on your operations, at least one major breakthrough and most importantly, a PLAN.



You are not alone in this industry. With over 750 attendees, you will meet people who have been in your shoes and face the same problems you do. You’ll also meet the people who’ve overcome those obstacles and are where you aspire to be.

What is a great event without a huge party? Immerse yourself with everyone involved in the event–the speakers, exhibitors, attendees, hosts. The All-Access Cocktail Party is where you can meet and share those “aha” moments.

You will have a chance to win unbelievable raffle prizes, win entrance to the exclusive VIP Speaker Dinner, and contribute to an amazing charity (with your help we raised $120,000 at least year’s event!)

Continue the growth of this supportive and flourishing community while expanding your reach, value, and knowledge to leverage and maximize your business.